Building the rails for shared mobility in Africa

We are a mobility as a service provider that uses a tech enabled ride sharing platform to connect riders to independent bus service providers.

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Mission Statement

To build technologies that power mass transportation in Africa for convenient, affordable and reliable commutes.


To be the leading shared mobility provider in Africa.

Our Core Values

Nurturing Relationships

Relationships matter to us. We prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, partners and customers.


Our word is our bond. We stay true to our values and walk the talk.


Shared mobility for sustainable cities. We are saving the planet by ensuring mass transportation to reduce CO2 emissions.


Alone we can do little but together, we can do so much. We work together to make Trober a reality.

Be Productive

Effective and efficient work output. We pride ourselves in providing services that meets high quality standards.


We continuously improve our products and services with a customer focused approach.

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