Trober for your Employees

The days of standing in queues and struggling to secure a seat on a bus are over. We connect you and other riders traveling along the same route with bus service providers.

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The Old Way

1. Time consuming

The struggle for a seat and long wait time at bus stops is a hassle.

2. Poor Safety

Old and rusty buses that do not guarantee safe rides. and uncomfortable seats that put stress on your back.

3. No Tracking

Not knowing the location of the bus means so much uncertainty and no reliability.

4. Unprofessional Drivers

Rude drivers who do ot have the wellbeing of riders at heart.

The Trober Way

Smart Booking

Save a seat seamlessly at the click of a few buttons . No hassle at all.

Bus Tracking

Track in real time the location of the bus for timely pickups.

Comfortable Seats

Relax and enjoy your bus ride on a comfortable seat that cushions your back.

Professional Drivers

Rate our drivers. They maintain a high level of respect and politeness.

Smart Routing

Reduce travel time with routes that are optimized with data.

Safety Always

We work with our partners to ensure safety for our riders.

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